David Brokaw




David Brokaw has been transforming unique visions and compelling possibilities into dynamic, concrete, extraordinary reality for more than 30 years.

Whether it has been Loretta Lynn or Bill Cosby, he has identified important people and important ideas. Through a combination of marketing, promotion, public relations, feature films, television series, music projects, books and other media, Brokaw has been able to successfully present them to a worldwide audience. Brokaw was captivated by Loretta Lynn’s story and was instrumental in Coal Miner’s Daughter, both the best seller and the Oscar winning feature film. For Cosby, he imagined him as the contemporary Mark Twain and was at his side as he starred in one of the most successful sitcoms in television history, penned best sellers, was a 1998 recipient of the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors and received the Medal of Freedom in 2002.

When “The Cosby Show” was the #1 series in America. “Roseanne” was #2 and “A Different World” was #3, The Brokaw Company founded in 1976, represented the public relations for all three shows. In 1997 Bill Cosby released Little Bill, children’s books geared towards promoting positive values. Brokaw orchestrated the marketing and public relations which enabled the books to become national best sellers. He obtained an Oprah Book of the Month selection (the only children’s books to receive the distinction).

Subsequently, Brokaw sold Little Bill to Nickelodeon as an animated television series. The hit show, now in its third year, is produced by Cosby and Brokaw. Brokaw has won an Emmy, Peabody and Humanitas for “Little Bill.”

In the 1980’s, Bill Cosby made publishing history when he sold some three million copies of the book Fatherhood. A couple of years ago, it occurred to Brokaw that this too could be an animated series. Nickelodeon agreed and “Fatherhood” debuted on Nick @ Nite this Father’s Day 2004.

Brokaw believed that there could be a second autobiography on Loretta Lynn. So did Hyperion. Published in 2002, it is a New York Times national best seller. It is entitled Still Woman Enough after one of Loretta’s self-penned feisty songs. Brokaw believes that there can and should be a sequel to Coal Miner’s Daughter as well as a Broadway musical. He has high hopes that this will be accomplished.

In 2000 Brokaw booked Lou Rawls in Smokey Joe’s Café on Broadway. The musical is based on classic Lieber & Stoller hits. It occurred to Rawls and Brokaw that a hit show could be created utilizing the legendary songs of Gamble & Huff. The pair went to Kenny Gamble and purchased the stage rights for a musical that became known as Me & Mrs. Jones. Produced by Rawls and Brokaw, Lou starred with Darlene Love. The initial ten-week run at The Prince Music Theatre in Philadelphia was a complete sell out.

From bringing a contemporary Christian singer to secular stardom, as he did with Amy Grant, to parlaying a voiceover for an Anheuser-Busch commercial into an annual telethon that has raised more than $200 million for the United Negro College Fund, as he did for long-time client Lou Rawls, Brokaw bridges the gap between dreams and their realization. In still another example, this time collaborating with his twin brother Sandy, they turned Gilley’s Club, a country music nightclub in Pasadena, Texas, into a star and sparked the global phenomenon of the Urban Cowboy.

Given his savvy, experience and steadfast integrity, it is not surprising that Brokaw has also been called upon to redeem the careers of major public figures experiencing travails in their public lives. Celebrities from Roseanne to Jim Bakker have utilized his services in expert crisis management, often behind the scenes, to help them through their most difficult periods. Since 1974, he has been the Cosby Family’s official spokesman through sometimes tragic and trying times.

Around four years ago Brokaw began representing Aaliyah, a multi-platinum recording artist who also wanted to act. He was instrumental in helping her get her acting career started. Her debut motion picture was Romeo Must Die for Warner Bros. She starred in an Anne Rice feature, Queen of the Damned and had begun the second Matrix. Sadly, in August 2001 she was killed in a plane crash and is mourned around the world.

Tony Orlando is a client and has been for many years. His career has enjoyed a resurgence with a VH1 “Behind The Music” special. This generated extensive print, radio and television and David Letterman said that Tony is welcome on his show at any time. This has all led to his best selling autobiography for St. Martin’s Press.

Brokaw brings all his tools to bear on a subject. He also brings a formidable history. The fourth generation of his family to work in the entertainment industry, stretching back more than 120 years to Czarist Russia, his great-uncle, Johnny Hyde, was the man who discovered Marilyn Monroe. Brokaw’s father, Norman, is Chairman of the William Morris Agency. With that company for more than 62 years, Norman Brokaw has represented innumerable celebrities but also distinguished members of government, including former President Gerald Ford throughout his post-Administration career, as well as President Jimmy Carter, Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, and President Reagan’s Secretary of State General Alexander Haig and Chief of Staff Donald Regan.

David Brokaw is always bringing together ideas and opportunities, visions and realities.